Another Sample

I have this “chenille double-sided velour” (it’s actually upholstery fabric) that I am using for a lot of my pieces.  It’s gorgeous stuff, and quite luxurious to the touch. I’m now making a jacket out of it.  But I wanted to try out making some shawls, just to try the painting process, and see how they turned out.

I got it done, and here’s a couple pics of the first in a long line of shawls that I’m gonna make.  I will be working on developing more painting skills (interestingly enough, painting on a light-colored pile using black velvet techniques doesn’t quite work), but I’m loving how it turned out. It has a Victorian/1960s vibe to it that’s funky and fun.  And its quite a heavy fabric. It’s not some flimsy affectation that some shawls are–this is actually substantial and will provide a bit of warmth.

I need a few more pieces and some better photography before I post these on any sales sites, but this is a sneak peak.  : )



Live life with relish!


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