About Relished Artistry and Corey Johnston

Relished Artistry is Corey Johnston’s wearable art venture, poised to infuse joy back into the wearing of clothing!

Initially, it was my goal to use this blog to help promote my business, Relished Artistry, LLC.  But I’ve come to realize that it’s also about helping people feel expressive, stylish, excited, and cultured about themselves, whether they wear my pieces or not.  We should all relish the artistic opportunities inherent in clothing, so in the end the aim for this blog is to bring out that inner flair in all of us, so we can feel good about how we adorn ourselves.  And when we feel good about how we look, we’re happier, brighter, friendlier, and more confident.  And the world needs that, I think.  Every little bit helps!

Based in San Diego, I have 20 years of professional and educational theatrical design and construction experience making clothes that are built to last (see my costume design website here), not just cheap theatrical knock-offs. My apparel is built from the ground up, using quality methods with attention to detail so you can be beautiful. Every piece is not only handmade, but it’s a one-of-a-kind work of art. No two pieces are exactly alike. Each is either part of a limited edition or comes with it’s own title. 

But beyond using this blog to toot my own horn, I believe that the artistic opportunities inherent in all clothing are limitless, and they should be shared! Materials abound all around us. My particular influences are culled from my exposure to theatrical literature and my study of a variety of stylistic eras throughout the world. Sometimes overtly retro or culturally specific, each piece that I happen to make may use a variety of materials. From hand painted velvet capes and coats to handbags, shawls, or whatever else may be inspiring, the goal for my  pieces is to be authentic and heartfelt regardless of the materials.  And I think that wherever the reader of this blog may by capability-wise, it’s fun to explore, learn, share, discuss, debate, and experiment with our clothing.

Showing how we are unique through what we wear on the outside is part of the how we share with others who we are on the inside. Life is too short. Live it with relish!


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